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What the Top Influencers are saying about buying Art in the UK?

What the Top Influencers are saying about buying Art in the UK?

Why is it a good idea to buy art in the UK?

Just as food fills a hungry stomach so art can fill a hungry soul. Having a nice piece of artwork can be very therapeutic for you as it creates a positive effect in your home. A well-chosen painting can change the whole feeling of the room it inhabits, says Karen Usborne, who is an abstract artist based in the UK. Karen Usborne was born in America and has loved art since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She grew up admiring the great artists of her time, namely Pablo Picasso who was a world-famous abstract artist. Karen Usborne started out as a contemporary artist, then turned to abstract expressionist art. Lately, she focuses solely on abstract art. According to Karen Usborne, buying art in the UK is a great investment and it makes life more interesting and exciting. A good piece of art tells a story and speaks to you in different ways depending on your mood. Certain meanings come alive to different people the more you view the art piece. Karen Usborne is an artist who has the wisdom to keep grasping your senses. When buying art in the UK, it is not only an investment but also a beautiful enhancement to your home. It’s almost like welcoming a new family member.          

How can a piece of artwork enhance your home?

When buying art in the UK it is important to know which piece of art will fit with your home and your budget. It is not just a matter of buying something that is pretty to look at. According to Karen Usborne, when buying art in the UK, it should be a piece of art that speaks to your soul, something that you are willing to live with for a very long time. After all, buying art in the UK is not just an investment but it is a lifelong decision. It is something that you will feast your eyes on every time you enter that area of your house. Top influencers like Karen Usborne say that art should inspire us to look at the world in a different way. During the pandemic, people were suddenly confined to their homes. Way back to cavemen days, people drew on the cave walls for entertainment as humans were not designed to sit and stare at blank walls. They need visual stimulation. Abstract art by Karen Usborne provides such stimulation in her use of geometry and colour. Karen Usborne sees life as an empty canvas, just waiting for an artist to bring It to life.

What the Top Influencers are saying about buying Art in the UK?

To buy or not to buy? Important things to consider when buying Art

There are a few things to consider when buying art in the UK. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced art buyer, it should never be a hasty decision. Always keep your own personal taste and preference in mind. Don’t feel rushed or feel the need to please the salesperson or artist. Try not to get taken in by new trends and price tags. Instead, become familiar with different styles by visiting art museums, galleries and browsing online art.  Try and stick to your planned budget, bearing in mind shipping and delivery fees. Karen Usborne believes that we live through art and art gives us the confidence to live boldly and live with intention. Buying art in the UK can be fun and exciting as let’s face it having a beautiful piece of art in your home is a lovely talking point. When buying art in the UK we must remember that art is not just an investment, it is also very relaxing and captivating to view a beautiful painting. It can help soothe anxieties and stress. Healing can also take place as paintings often make a person analyse a piece of art and inadvertently explore painful feelings. Karen Osborne herself suffered from Dyslexia and art helped her to face her fears. So, go ahead and buy your art, enjoy your art and remember that happy walls make happy people.

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