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Three Ways to Live Through Art l Karen Usborne

live through art

Art is a form of expression and for some a way of life. I live through my artwork as that, to me, is the best way I can express myself. As I wrote in a previous post “arts is one of those expressions of freedom granted to us by nature”. In this post, I want to take you through how art can be a part of our everyday lives and how it can be weaved into everyday activities. You can live a colourful life; a life that is fully expressive and without bounds through art. There are so many issues and experiences that can disturb the flow of light in our lives, but through art, we can find a way to let light back into life and still flourish. 

Live life creatively

Human beings are natural creators who are always in the process of producing things.  We can learn from the things we create to see life in a different way. As you create, there is a flow of energy like no other that invigorates you and keeps you alive. Pay attention to that energy and allow it to change your thinking and outlook on life. Always be in creation mode; write a poem from your heart, bake a cake from scratch, draw a painting from what you see in the sky. Your dressing can also portray art. There is a reason why designers are called artists because they create something beautiful from scratch, they imagine the fabrics and colours and design something people can wear. In the same way, let every time you pick out clothes in your wardrobe be a moment of imagining art coming to life. How do you want to feel wearing that garment? What do the colours say about your mood? What impression are you having on others with your look? You can create a unique look that is completely you and makes you stand out.

live through art

Have a collection of abstract art

You can experience art directly in your home through displaying carefully selected pieces of abstract art. “A house is not a home without art on the walls” and that is one direct way of living through art. The difference between abstract art and other forms of art is that it can mean anything you want it to mean. This means it can mean different things to different people. You can explore certain meanings through the artwork and allow it to come alive every time you view it.

Creative self-care

This will differ from person to person, but creative self-care is one way to live through art. Think about what you do to relax and infuse something creative into it. Art can be used to relax, for instance, going for a painting workshop to learn how to paint as a hobby. You can also learn drawing techniques which can help you with anxiety. Some people have tried art journaling and found it to be a useful way to relieve stress. Through expressing yourself, you can explore painful feelings and find healing. I have had my own journey with dyslexia and I found art and the artworks that I created to be a way for me to face my fears. We all have different battles and inner fears which haunt us. But if we think and live creatively, we can realise that we are powerful in our own way.
I encourage you to take this chance to live with intention, live through art. Your life is an empty canvas waiting for you to create a masterpiece. Live boldly and with artistic zeal. Check out some of my artwork here and then feel free to contact me directly at enquiries@karenusborneartist.co.uk. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date!

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