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The London Art Scene: Exploration Tips for Aspiring Artists & Tourists with Karen Usborne

London Art

Art in London

The London art scene is thriving, and as the capital of England, it is always a good spot in making memories and travelling. Of course, for every travel excursion we make, there is always a reason to do it; our motivation to know ourselves more, like soul searching.

With its rich history and culture, London is one of the best places to go if a person likes to travel and seize the moment, from its classical and elegant ambiance. Surely it is confirmation that it is one of the sought after cities in the continent of Europe.

In this article, I would like to take you to my own city, citing two of the best art galleries and a little of its historical artworks which you should see while in London.

Art Destination #1: National Gallery at Trafalgar Square

Inside the museum, lived a mirror of a classic love story and deception,
a painting of Peter Paul Rubens which is entitled as Samson & Delilah.
Made after the biblical story of a man who is known for his strength, and a woman who is considered as the first agent to make someone lure to her beauty and gave up his weakness, surely you need to see this to answer your own wonder, how beautifully the painting was made.

Art Destination # 2: National Portrait Gallery

Holding the 22nd place for the globally most visited museum, the National Portrait Gallery is a must see London Destination. The museum is home to 195,000 portraits, and 215,000 artworks which showcases history of different families, paintings, and portraits of the most famous people in the world especially in United Kingdom.

This Art gallery is perfect for people who are after their family background, students who needs to learn more about the classic and historical arts and adults who wander as they grow old elegantly. One of the portraits here, is made by Micheal Ward, who was known as an iconic photographer of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and of course, of yours truly. I was photographed by Michael using a bromide print on the 15th of April 1975.

More Art Galleries..

London is home to almost 50 Art Galleries, as art plays a very essential part of its rich history. In the city world London is considered as the most innovative, most influential, most elegant, most expensive and the most passionate city when it comes to work.
As you go along in aspiring the world of travel, good food and a wonderful tea time, do not forget to visit my paintings, I would love to pour a tea and biscuit for you, and I’ll be your guide as you wait for the Big Ben to tick tock for your next destination.

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