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The Colour of Gravity by Karen Usborne

Karen Usborne Artist London

Have you seen yourself lost? Lost and addicted to the inner soul, because you’ve seen something ordinary but different; well, this is something to think about.

“The Pillow Outer Space”: by Karen Usborne

Abstract Art Pillow Outer Space

The painting above entitled “The Pillow Outer Space” can be a masterpiece of your own self. It may have drawn into plain colors of black and white, but it is more than what you can see. It is like a black hole that drags you deeper when you stare, it is like a deep well that wants you to ask more questions; an unending puzzle that could take you into the deepest dreams possible; a pillow that will take you into your inner soul as it takes you above the world can do.

Check this out at her studio in Lamb’s Conduit Street in London and find yourself lost in deep thoughts.

“Tea Time” by Karen Usborne

Karen Usborne Artist London

Tell me? What do you see? Well, this is a psychological trick..
Let me take you to the inside of your mind; I will show you how to do the “Tea time” in black and in white.

So in this picture, you can see tables inside a tea shop; a lady enjoying a cup of an afternoon tea in the cold midst of London; or hence, it could be some place inside a house of a wife thinking about how life happened, in just a knick of time, her kids are gone, and having their own things in life.

Have you seen it? Or no? Well, this is called optical illusion; a kind of vision that uses patterns, color and light to see a certain image. A psychological trick that only a few people have mastered. This painting will take a good shot inside your cafe, or even inside your house, so why not contact us at enquiries@karenusborneartist.co.uk to
Get information and amaze your family and friends for an optical trick.

What is the color of “Gravity”?

Karen Usborne is giving us an idea what is it? It can be black, or it can be white.
It can take you to your inner self and ask the questions, “Why?” “What?” and “How”?
These paintings are examples of simplicity and versatile talent that can allure people that even the smallest things and the simplest colors can do huge differences if taken in a different objectives; and this is how amazing Karen Usborne is.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a viewing, commission a piece of artwork or with any general enquiry.Feel free to contact me to arrange a viewing, commission a piece of artwork or with any general enquiry. Alternatively follow @KarenUsborneArtist and  @KUsborneart.

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