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The Abstract Puzzle – Abstract Expressionism by Karen Usborne

Abstract Art Paintings

I believe that there is a question that lies into people’s mind; the curiosity that we are looking forward or we leave behind…. the abstract puzzle. These tiny bits of enquiries, makes us wonder the beauty of the world. “What if, the “existence” of the human race is only a dream?” what makes humans a reality? The universe itself is a big question for those who are not able to see and experience it, however, how do I keep up with these emotional thirst of knowing what exists, and what does not?

As an artist, I do believe, that the only limit that we have is our mind. I even remember how I tried to play with Picasso’s imagination to make my own vast imaginations; those artistic works of the famous painter was just a part of creating my own unlimited ideas. Inspired by the streets of London, I always wondered how life can be, if I started to paint; and when I realized life was a big puzzle, it made me realize that I should do.

“Stars” by Karen Usborne

I have coloured “Gravity” black and white; now, I want to show everyone, how did I painted the stars. I imagined, a mixture of an artistic puzzle while I sip a cup of tea in the cold streets of London, thinking that shapes could make everything in a constellation much better.

In every move and in every stroke I made, I have created a puzzle in my mind; I dug deeper and thought how I can change my expression through the challenges of life. It made me free, without any direction I found that every one of us is connected, we are wired. We are not limited by our imperfections and incapability; we are what we made us; we can reach the stars, if we choose not to find the missing piece because we are more than that; we are our art of expressionism, our own painting, our own story and our own mind.


In the big abstract of a game called life, we have to find our main question. The one that will keep us going; the curiosity that will make us get up every morning. That question will end our limits, and help us to color the rainbow, by whatever color we want to use. Conversations, books, cartoons, pastels, canvass and all the other important elements of doing arts are the things that kept me going, life has been always the definition of simplicity in complex.

Abstract expressionism always requires cohesive style, defined as use of coherence or logic; which means that everything we do has a science of reasoning; this makes human comprehension so very limited, and I have decided to put an end to this so called limit. I stopped doing the ordinary and focus more on the endless possibility of the strokes I made; I made every word of my article count, the pages of my cartoons happier, I’ve done things I never did before, to conquer the limit.


I look at London in a diverse way playing as a kid, a commoner, and even a royalty; I even glanced at past, future and the present days of its streets, wandering using only a paint brush, and the canvass. As I travel deeply with my soul, I lost a part of me for a while, seeing a puzzle that kept me sane to look forward to create different pieces of it with different versions; I made the afternoon tea time with black and white and see my soul drawing the stars in square, letting it be as Paul McCartney sang his song through the background, and when I lost my mind, there goes my inner peace.

The abstract paintings were made by notion of ideas; which gave more life to I thought defunct as the years go by; being different made me feel better, I have unlocked that possibility of stereotyping and norms in which a lot of people were frustrated because it was just too plain that you want to get enough of it. These are the thoughts that made me feel terrified when I started to get my inner self do the work, however this is the freedom in the puzzle.
Abstract expressionism is more of how it should be defined; it is something that could make you know yourself more, and I would really like to share how it changed me as a person. I would love to see you wander and get to know more about your inner self in my studio one day, and if you want to see your lost soul and deeper self, find the time to spend it with me, and regain how life can be an artistic puzzle.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a viewing, commission a piece of artwork or with any general enquiry. Alternatively follow @KarenUsborneArtist and  @KUsborneart.

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