Purple Butterfly



Purple Butterfly Abstract Painting by Karen Usborne

A butterfly flourishes in a myriad of sweet colours and checkered backdrop. Karen Usborne strikes us with the beauty and interpretation of nature in a wild world of juxtaposition. Karen’s use of nature and the geometrical brings you to put two worlds together and realize their commonalities. The canvas becomes an imaginative and whimsical checkered dancefloor for this butterfly to spread its wings and unveil that it is not just the purple that you need to identify, but it’s wonderful nuances. The work forms part of the ‘Nature’ series of Karen Usborne abstract paintings, which explores the forms and identities of various insects, natural landscapes, animals, and blooms. Creatures are beautiful, and man has a beautiful way of twisting these already existing forms to their own creations. Karen gives you the opportunity to do exactly so with the sense you already have at your disposal.
Abstract art or non-representational art is here to create impressions of the things we already see in everyday life out of unique compositions of the basic shapes, lines, colours, geometries and gestures. This gives us the ability to think beyond reality, to test our limits, to render curiosity. Since we are curious beings, it is important to exercise these tendencies to ultimately nurture our true selves. It is an opportunity for observer to respond to the creator’s vision and be rewarded the heightening of the senses. It serves as psychological stimuli. Since it was officially started in 19th century at the height of psychological exploration, this stimulation is no surprise. The years preceding World War I in the 19th century were crucial for the artistic escapism, and ultimately toward healing. Therefore prepare to be amazed by what your eyes and your mind can decipher from these visual opportunities. Be blessed with this incredible connection of healing and enhancing your abilities.


Karen Usborne