Paintings by a Creative Abstract Artist

Karen Usborne is a contemporary artist setting her identity with her unique abstract expression arts. She has her own sense of style, technique, and methods of how to translate her visions into a wild combination of colors, random figures, and unintentional forms. These images may have some surreal connections, but for her, she makes art out of her deep love of making it.

Just like Picasso, there is a sense of spontaneity in her abstract art paintings. She may have not have mastered Picasso’s action body painting technique, but she has made her individual sense of style in making her art. For her, the drawings are unintentional and may represent nothing, except her love for contrast, and how she likes to play with lines and colors. “The drawings represent nothing, except my love of line and contrast. For me, creating art is like playing with sight and light and perspective. It’s like understanding about light and distance long before one can see them properly”.

Karen Usborne's paintings
Karen Usborne's paintings

Modern Abstract Paintings

Karen Usborne’s painting series of “Abstract” vividly reflects her love of lines and contrasts. She uses geometrical figures such as circles, triangles, squares, and stars to form another figure that may be shapeless or distinct. The portfolio encompasses abstract expressionism in a wider form. Paintings that are distinct but not easily categorised. Even then, her interpretations of the concepts of stars, the universe, and outer space are depicted uniquely.

The series of abstract art paintings “Gravity” explicitly reveals Karen Usborne’s fascination with contrasts. She plays the contrast between black and white, and light and dark. She translates her perception of gravity, tea time, outer space, and odd time uniquely. The playful combinations of black and white exude moods to viewers such as pleasure, elation, delight, and others.

Paintings of Nature, Conveyed Through Abstract Art

The series of abstract paintings of “Nature” by Karen Usborne are distinctive. While they are abstract in nature, they show creations from nature such as butterflies, fishes, wings, and others. For her, these drawings or paintings come to represent the most surprising things like blooms, animals, insects, and landscapes. There is a sense of excitement in her paintings as she tries to capture their beauty in her canvass.

Karen Usborne's paintings