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Intuitive Arts: Abstract Expressionism as Reflection of One’s Mind

Intuitive art and abstract Expressionism

Intuitive Arts and Abstract Expressionism

The reality is not easy to realize as a person grows up, it will take a lifetime for us to realize what it’s worth, it is a variety of stories, thousands of lessons and millions of obstacles, and luckily we can always have an outlet. Arts is one of those expressions of freedom granted to us by nature, whether you are a photographer, a culinary artist, a potter, an author or even if you are a teacher, there inside you is an inner artist who is imagining how life can be better as you go along.

Our intuition guides us as we decide in everyday life, and I want you to realize that arts is not just a painting or coloring activity, it is the ability to create and reproduce you idea based on you inner ability. Let me take you deeper, lets just say a chef is thinking of a dish that will represent his or her career, so the first idea was vague, it was a mixture of each and every dish the chef have made, as he goes along he realize that there is something that should do, and that is to express himself, with all the spices and ingredients available, he let his guts to take him as he thinks of himself, he is thinking how he wanted to be remembered, and there goes the abstract expression through culinary arts. The chef tried to mix all the ingredients and spices he likes and created a unique and sumptuous dish and named it after him. 


Spend some time in the front of the mirror and see it for yourself, that you are the abstract art of your own life, that you are something to be sought after, and seeking your inner self is the way of expressionism that lies ahead of you. This to me is the link between  intuitive art and abstract expressionism.

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