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Karen Usborne, Entering 2020: A New Decade of Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Artist

Facing The Future As An Abstract Artist

Creativity requires innovation, owing to the fact that change is the only constant thing constant in this world. Starting with technology, to artificial intelligence, and to many more aspects of art. As an artist,

it is a challenge for me to remain memorable into this fast pace millenium, so I decided to aspire more when it comes to my passion; I would like to add more love into it, by rediscovering the inner me inside the heart of London.
As I enter the new decade full of surprises and challenges, there is only one thing I want to remain the same, the quality of my masterpieces.
It reflected who I was, and who I am today, and soon will remember who I become in the near future. I want to get outside of the box, and perform actions my paint brushes never done before. My goal is to connect my artworks in the reality of the real world; and make it as my way of contributing to life..

Abstract Artist

Action Painting​

People always have their reasons why they chose their field; it could possibly be something personal, emotional and radical. These particular reasons are my motivation to continue to appreciate my own perception as I continue to indulge myself in my own masterpiece, nature.

As an abstract artist, I have chosen to use rigid contrasting edges to show the effort of my imagination in a unique way. It involves a streak push of every stroke of my brushes as I dig deeper on my soul idea only to use two limited colour to produce a one of its kind definition of my painting. In this kind of activity, I use my rational mind, setting aside every possible emotion that would consume me while I draw every detail of the line; “Universe must be more than this”, and that’s how I always do it.

Colors and Imagination

Abstract painting is a product of mixed emotions, that is how people define it. It could be, however it will not always be like that. it is a personal touch of the conscious mind
that I have. The war between my mind and my heart; the dream I wish to share with the world, the stories that are always a part of me, my paintings are the mirror of my own soul, the explanation on how life can be both complicated and serene.

The paintings are a part of me, generously offered to you as I, the abstract artist, wanted to show that life itself will never be consistent. As we both journey to this decade, I want to send my warm gratitude for you. I am hoping that as I continue washing the edge of every canvas the colors, you will look at the decade as an empty canvas in which you can freely paint, whether it is painful or not, don’t hesitate to show the world that you can be someone who can own the decade by yourself, you can always win the war whether it is personal or not, but you have to remember that not everything in this coming decade is fighting for, so as we paint the stories of our lives, we should never forget to look where we started when we feel tired; for the history is what we created and what we will be creating as we go on.

In this world, we are the artists and the earth is our stage, so we must individually enjoy our own time of shining and the own call of our limelight. I wish you the best decade fellow abstract artists and art lovers!

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Abstract Artist

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