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Digital Art: The New Phase of Abstract Expressionism

digital arts

Technology and Abstract Expressionism

Technology is inevitable. It is always innovating, from houses to cars, from buildings to universities, and that means its mother nature is also growing up with it, and yes, you are definitely correct, it is Art.

Humans are created to create beautiful things, that is why we are responsible for all the changes, whether it is artificial intelligence or biodiversity; and as the years go by, digital is not only the word for technology but also for art.

Canvas & Computers

Animations were considered as an idea of vague imagination which means that it is a product of abstract expressionism; the freedom and the courage of animators who created both 3D and 7D started with a plain idea on how they will explain something that is complicated in the most simple way.

It requires a lot of brainstorming to conceive an idea from a paper to a computer, from the shade of the brush to the shades of virtual effects, art is always challenged; reality is always altered on how, us, people should percept things.

It takes years to distribute things into its proper places, one vision is not enough for everybody, scripts are messed up and in the end, it will be a masterpiece of something that is clearly vague.

Digital Art in the Digital Ages

The ambience of arts develop as the digital technology entered its innovation, in which makes everything possible and very attainable; which made me remember my cartoonist days, which we have to put everything manually, it was a wonderful experience to throw a piece of paper when a person had his mistake, and start all over again, comparing to what we have now, it is really different. Now, an artist can just junk the only mistake he made, what an instance, right?

I am hoping that Art itself, will never be taken for granted just because of everything made easy nowadays; I am really hoping about the future of endless possibilities and more growth in whichever era or genre there is; for art is always a part of us all. Since the beginning we have to push ourselves for more development and for most of creativity we can put all over the sense of Art, but as we go along and things are getting instantly on our own hands, I am seeing the betterment of every way possible for the past is connected to the future, which makes our present worthwhile.

My Idealistic Perception of Digital Art

Have you ever thought “What if, Karen’s galaxy art piece is put on a VFX?” I was laughing out loud, when I was thinking about this. Maybe it will not just put “justice” to my ideas but also life in something that I created a long time ago.

I am hoping that someone can knock on my door and ask me about this idea, for I am very open to share how it was been, and what I wanted to happen after all.

For everything I created were perfectly bound by my inner heart and soul; these are all offered to the future of creativity which is the younger generation.

I couldn’t help but to get excited for all so – called millennials and generation – z, for they can even paint without the usual things we used to back then, their possibilities and material are not limited. I always look forward to this platform of art, I can’t wait for the right time for someone to ask me, if they can recreate something from my studio, I would love to do that… What about you? Will I see you soon?

Check out some of my artwork here and then feel free to contact me directly at enquiries@karenusborneartist.co.uk. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date!

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