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Contemporary Abstract Artists Who Continue to Inspire

Contemporary Abstract Artists Who Continue to Inspire

In this article, we will be taking a look at three contemporary abstract artists that have been excelling in their field. These artists are well known for their unique abstract expressionism and are a source of inspiration for young artists all around the world. 

Daniel Göttin

Daniel is well known for the abstract artwork that he makes by using industrial materials like paint, wood, plastic, tape, and more. His art examines the nature of perception and engages the viewer in a very enticing way. His artwork is simple to pick up. It does not have too much going on at once. 

Daniel started working as a draftsman for an engineering company. Later on, he entered the School of Visual Arts in Basel. He has held an artist residency at many institutions. In 1990, he was at the Fremantle Art Foundation. In 1994, he was at the Shed im Eisenwerk in Switzerland. He has also held an artist’s residency twice for the Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, where he was present in 2007 and also 2013/2014.

Daniel focuses mainly on minimalist, concrete, and conceptual artworks. He has also worked with some aspects of Dada/Merz and Arte Povera. Since the 1990s, Daniel has organized more than 60 solo exhibitions at museums, galleries, collections, and also for non-profits. 

His work is spread throughout the world and can be found in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States. 

Contemporary Abstract Artists Who Continue to Inspire

Deanna Sirlin

Deanna Sirlin is an American abstract artist who is well known for her large-scale paintings and installations. Some of her installations dominate entire buildings, like the ones installed in Venice, Antalya, New Orleans, and more. 

Her work is focused on colours. Her paintings explore how different textures and compositions affect the relationship between different colours by using light and specific colour combinations. 

Deanna challenges how her viewers interact with space. Looking at her acrylic paintings, one feels that they have multitudes of layers, combining to form a vibrant and complex textural surface. Her brushstrokes are fluid and are the most eye-catching part of her paintings. 

Deanna started her art education at the young age of just 6 when she was studying at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. Deanna Sirlin earned her B.A. in art from the State University of New York. 

Besides painting, Deanna also creates public murals and writes about art. In her writings, she talks about everything that is related to art. She reviews different art pieces, both old and new, and physical or on paper. 

Pierre Auville

Contemporary Abstract Artists Who Continue to Inspire

Pierre is a French contemporary abstract artist whose paintings are concerned with investigating the aesthetic and conceptual qualities of manufacturing materials like cement, steel, and concrete. Born in Le Havre, he currently works and lives near Paris.

Pierre uses construction cement to make his abstract artwork, specifically the Portland type, with the main components being lime and clay. He employs techniques that are used in the construction industries and spreads the cement over foam panels. He is able to create pieces with sizes ranging from 1 to 8 Square Meters. 

There is plenty of variation of colours in his paintings. He gets colours like off-white, beige, green, and greys just by the addition of some mineral pigments like slate or coal powder. 

The colour also varies depending on the production location and season of the sourced cement. He also uses water-based spray paints to get some bright colours on his paintings. 

Pierre also sometimes erodes, carves, or polishes his work with sandpaper, steel wires, etc. This is done to add a layer of depth to the paintings by changing the textures. When the piece is finished, he adds a thin layer of diluted varnish for protection.

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