Buy Art By Renowned Artist And Illustrator Karen Usborne

You Can Now Buy Art By Artist Karen Usborne.

Buy art that will set your home apart and express the beauty of life around you. Art for sale includes interesting black-and-white impressions of geometry, as well as the artist’s study of Nature in abstract form.  Karen Usborne’s work exemplifies spontaneity and exploration of the world as seen through her eyes. Original artwork is for sale both online and at her studio in London, offering you the option to shop from the comfort of your own home. Her high-quality artwork for sale is shipped with care, ensuring that it arrives at your home in pristine condition, ready to take its rightful place.  Karen holds regular exhibitions at a local art gallery and at her own studio, where you’ll be able to get up close and personal with both the paintings for sale and the artist herself. Karen Usborne is an abstract expressionist and believes that art should come from the unconscious mind. As such, her art for sale offers buyers the opportunity to experience this expression in their own homes. High-quality original artwork is always an investment and none more so than art by an artist that embraces life with such originality and joy.

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buy art

Buy Art To Compliment Your Home And Life.

Buy art that compliments your home and expresses life’s contrast and spontaneity, created by an artist that now finds herself free from any prescriptions yet with decades of experience in various art forms. Art is meant to inspire, and few things are as inspiring as an artist with the true freedom to express herself without the bounds of expectations. Abstract expressionism as an art form is known for its spontaneity and the idea that art should come from the unconscious mind.  Having eschewed the art form at the height of its popularity in the 40s to 50s, (she enjoys being in the minority, in her own words.)  Karen Usborne now creates original abstract art that represents her love of contrast and playing with vision. Her creations involve the play of colour, line, and space. Her original artwork summons the viewer to explore the world through the eyes of an artist with newfound energy and inspiration, a freedom granted by years of experience and the break from prescriptive bonds. Adding a Karen Usborne original artwork to your home is sure to be a conversation starter, allowing you to explore your own experience and emotions around the art.

Buy Art By Karen Usborne In London Or At Home

When you buy art, you invite the artist and their experience into your home. From her private studio in Lambs Conduit St, London, Karen Usborne offers private viewings upon arrangement, where you can add another dimension to your art collection journey with in-depth and personal knowledge of each artwork you buy. Alternatively, her abstract artwork is often on display in public exhibitions, where she invites viewers into a lively conversation about art and life in general. Her paintings for sale are also available online. Not only can you buy her art online,  but she also welcomes conversation with prospective buyers even without them leaving their own homes. Her career spans many decades and includes work as an author, children’s book illustrator, and creating other art by commission. She established The Workshop Gallery in Lambs Conduit with her second husband Mel Calman and exhibited at the Royal Academy.   Her current artwork for sale spans a great variety of subjects from stark black and white geometry to softer, colourful explorations of Nature, so you’re sure to find something that will enhance your space and enrich your life. 

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