Art By Karen Usborne Celebrates Sight, Light, And Perspectives

Art That Explores New Horizons

Art by original artist Karen Usborne is a celebration of her play with sight, light, and perspectives. Hampered by dyslexia in her earlier life, she found expression in figures and drawing during a time when reading and writing eluded her. She quite literally has been expressing herself as an artist ever since she could hold a crayon!  After a lifetime of exploring different art styles, she embraces art in the style of abstract expressionism, reveling in its spontaneity and freedom. At the start of her career, she accepted commissions in several art forms but these days, Karen enjoys the freedom and energy that experience and age bring and expresses herself in a more abstract, spontaneous way, without any prescriptions.  With no one ordering her what to do, she’s discovered new inspiration as a female artist by playing with contrasts and involving her visions in her art. She communicates her art on canvas and in print, creating abstract messages in monochrome geometric shapes and capturing nature in vibrant and colourful ways. Her private London studio serves both as a base for her creativity and a space to host private viewings of her art, by arrangement. 

Abstract Art Painting
Abstract art Outer Space

Art That Doesn’t Follow The Lead

In art, she now identifies as an abstract expressionist, having avoided the style at the height of its popularity in the 40s and 50s since she ‘enjoys being in the minority.’ As an art form, abstract expressionism is known for its spontaneity and as an expression of the idea that art should come from the unconscious mind. In a famous example of abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock danced around a canvas while pouring paint on it and making marks with a brush or a stick. In her new freedom as an artist, Karen now expresses herself as an original artist in this art form on canvas and in print.  Known for her artwork displayed around the world, Karen Usborne is also a known author and illustrator. In 1985 she illustrated the bestseller My Passport to France. She’s the author of “Elizabeth”, tracing the life of the popular novelist Elizabeth von Arnim. A student in Art and History at Oxford in London, she later established The Workshop Gallery in Lambs Conduit St with her second husband British cartoonist Mel Calman. Karen exhibited at the Royal Academy in the 80s, establishing herself as a Bloomsbury artist.

Discover Art In The Uk By Visiting Karen’s Studio In London

The art of Karen Usborne is now available to add to your portfolio and enrich your home. Her work can be found in homes all over the world and will be sure to add richness to yours. Her original art is often displayed in public exhibitions where she welcomes lively discussions about her inspiration and life in general. You can also arrange a visit to view her art at her private studio in Lambs Conduit St, London.  A visit to her studio will allow you to discover art in a whole new way as she can reveal the creative process and emotion behind each piece in person. Art in the home is not merely for viewing but also invites the viewer to experience and share the emotion and subconscious thought behind its creation.  A personal visit to her studio will certainly deepen this experience tremendously! Karen’s art is also available online where she still welcomes interaction with her buyers and hopes to share the stories behind her original art!  Her art is done on canvas and in print, where she uses colours, random figures, and unintentional forms to translate her visions, an expression truly for the love of making art.

Abstract Art Paintings