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Art, the Universal Language l Karen Usborne

Art the universal language

Abstract Art Everywhere

Have you noticed how our planet was designed? It was beautiful as it could be; from the animals, the trees, rocks, places and body of waters, it is shown that there is always beauty and elegance around us. The colors are extraordinary, composed of rich hues and types, that made the presence of art visible everywhere.
Consistency of development and standards are progressive as we live along, but there is always a permanent thing that connects as all, and it is the feeling of awe on every wonders of the world that we visit, it is because of art.

Art’s Unlimited Communication

Everytime that we cannot communicate verbally, or even in a written way, Arts helps us to convey our message; providing us colors and shapes, and because of that even people or animals that are limited can see that, there is always a way to understand different perceptions and it is on appreciating the creativity of each and everyone.

Through the years, art helps us identify the icons and trademarks around the world, which remind us of a place everytime we see them; in that way, there is no need to dig deeper just by ourselves, for every icon and trademark represents history no matter how good, or how bad it was. Artistic approach removes the limit of communication through words and letters; thus, it makes everything understandable and reachable, it makes life worthwhile for anyone.
Music, paintings, braille, theatrical performances and books helps us see the world’s beauty even indoors; or even if we don’t have the sense of sight, we heard it, we feel it, and it’s because Art made even for everyone, whether they are able to not. 

Language and Art

Languages should be everywhere, it should be universal for us to communicate effectively, however, it couldn’t be because of the diversity in culture, religion and locations. However, I believe that there could be something that can connect us humans, as one. And it will always be the “artist” in us; no matter what genre, specialization or era, art is inside of us, because we are made of love, and love, is, like art the universal language. Lastly, if you are considering commissioning an original piece of artwork, contact me directly at enquiries@karenusborneartist.co.uk.

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