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Arts vs. Dyslexia (A Passionate Battle of an Inborn Artist)

Art And Dyslexia

What is Dyslexia?

Lots of people are wondering about this disorder; and I want to clarify some misconceptions. An involvement of difficulty in reading due to a problem in identifying the sounds and learning how they relate to the words is having “Dyslexia”.
Kids who have this kind of disorder, require emotional support from parents who understand how things should be. They have normal appearance, intelligence and eyesight; they can succeed in education by having a special kind of teaching method which takes effort and time.

Art as a weapon

Choose your battles, they said; I chose to combat my condition using my higher strength which does not require any speech therapy, and this is painting. I may have the normal outward exhibition of intelligence. However I can say I see the world differently and this is how I conquer a disorder that almost ate up the whole part of me.
Art is my safe haven, it makes me feel different in a good way, it helps me to cope up with the things I cannot do as a person. With art, I’m limitless. I am a river flowing freely to the ocean and making it more vast, making every waves more elegant and exceptional. I am a comet who travels endlessly, which can destroy and create at the same time. Art and dyslexia can walk hand in hand allowing the mind to flourish.

Myself, Art and Dyslexia

I was diagnosed by dyslexia and I did not have the choice but to win the battle; I used arts to conquer the fear of not being normal. Then I was happy exploring the world with my own mind, and I decided to win against the impression of other people that I can’t. This was my personal journey to becoming a contemporary artist, focusing on abstract art.
I want people to learn that, ourselves are the only reason we have limits. Choosing to be brave and conquering our own battles will light our way up to our success; whether you are ‘disabled’ or not, we have circumstances that we have to face because a diamond cannot be considered one, unless you burn it with fire, a desire to continue.

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